Stainless Steel Used In So Many Industries

Stainless steel is perhaps one of the most versatile products used within a whole range of industries. A popular choice for many artists and sculptors it has been announced that a giant sculpture of a stainless steel man has been presented as public art to replace the Tinsley Towers.

Sheffield Council invited ideas for a statue in the Lower Don Valley and in doing so a stainless steel man which would be 40 metres high has been proposed. Sculptor Steve Mehdi is behind the sculptor and already people are supporting him with his proposal.

Should the plans go ahead the sculpture will consist of a 20 metre high figure seated on a 20 metre high column. The idea behind it is to try and represent Sheffield’s metals and coal mining industries.

The sculpture would stand on a former landfill site and would overlook the M1 and Meadowhall. If you imagine how big the Angel of the North is in Gateshead then double it this will be the size of the sculpture – twice as big!

Timelines which show the history of Sheffield’s entrepreneurs would be engraved into the base. The Sheffield Chamber who strongly support the sculpture think it would be a great idea and would tie in with celebrations in 2013 marking the centenary of Harry Brearley’s invention of stainless steel.

The stainless steel statue not only marks and recognises Sheffield’s heritage but it will also symbolise their ability to move with the times and offer latest innovations making Sheffield known in a number of new sectors.

Used within the sculpture there will be plenty of stainless steel plate, stainless steel wire and even stainless steel banding!

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