Iran Build Their First Oil Refinery

The Iranian Oil Ministry head, Mansour Bazmi recently announced that Iran is going to be producing its first ever refinery. This is an exciting time for them as the oil refinery will allow them to process heavy crude oil on its Oeshm Island based within the Persian Gulf.

It is predicted that hopefully the refinery will have an output as much as 30,000 barrels of light oil products in a day and hopefully it will be coming online within the next two years.

The refinery’s throughput will come from Iran’s soroush and Norooz fields but there is a slight problem in that the oil is more difficult to refine here as the output has a higher density than at other grades.

This is a problem which can be overcome; the fields’ output is only shipped to Asia and the Mediterranean. The refinery will be known as the Oeshm refinery and will mean that Iran will be able to sell refined oil products in both Asian and European markets.

Within the construction of the refinery vast amounts of stainless steel will be used and this will include stainless steel sheet, banding, toggles, wing seals and expansion springs. The refinery will mark a change for Iran as they will grow their total output as well as potential in markets like Iraq and Libya.

Stainless steel is well known for its use within the oil and gas industry and also used for thermal insulation where stainless steel is used as a barrier to protect the insulation underneath. In both applications Stainless Steel is used because of its strength, durability and its ability to resist corrosion.

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