Stainless Steel Through the Eye of a Needle

The unique qualities of stainless steel, such as its extraordinary strength and resistance to quality, are present even at a tiny scale. Stainless steel wire can be formed to an incredibly small width - small enough to thread through the eye of a needle - and this wire is already used in a multitude of ways, a number that continues to grow as technology develops and the demand for smaller, lighter components increases.

BS Stainless can now supply ultra fine stainless steel wire down to a diameter as low as 30 micrometres (0.03mm) - for the purpose of comparison, the average diameter of a human hair varies between 20 and 180 micrometres. More important are the tolerance levels the wire is supplied to ; our stainless steel fine wire, which can be supplied hand-drawn of soft-annealed, offers exceptionally tight tolerances and is manufactured with strict observance of all international quality standards.

As with all of our product range, BS Stainless can customise standard lengths, tensile strengths, diameters, ovalities and grades. We can manufacture to order and we also provide a holding service for scheduled deliveries arranged within 48 hours. The wire is supplied wound onto convenient spools to be used for many applications including woven textiles, filters, ropes and springs.

To see the specifications of our standard stainless steel fine wire, you can check out our handy, comprehensive chart. If you have bespoke requirements, simply contact a member of our highly-trained technical team who will be happy to discuss your unique needs.

Call BS Stainless on 01772 337555 or email us at BS Stainless - your partner for stainless steel.
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