Stainless Steel Tapits Screws

Stainless Steel Tapits Screws
Tapit screws for fixing joining thin metals sheets

We supply Tapits screws that have thread with a “needle point“ is for the joining of thin metal sheets, which do not need to be predrilled.

The “needle point“ with the steep double thread pitch is easy to work with. The head type is hexagon with a slot.

Supplied from stock from 4.2mm up to 4.8mm diameter in lengths from 13mm up to 25mm in stainless steel 304 (A2) and 410.

We can also supply with EPDM, Neoprene or Polymide washers to suit. These can be just the rubber type of washer (Neoprene / EPDM) packed separately to the screws and assembled on your site or as bonded washer. Bonded washer are stainless steel and Neoprene or EPDM joined together to give a superior seal to prevent moisture ingress. These are supplied assembled to the screw.

**Also available with Silver GL slide coat the slide coating provides optimum sealing with multifunctional properties, which guarantee excellent corrosion protection and simultaneously reduce the screw-in resistance. It is free from heavy metals that are harmful to health such as Cr-(VI) and is compliant with the EU directives concerning end-of-life vehicles (2000/53/EC) and electronic waste (2002/95/EC).

All our screws are subjected to extensive quality control procedures. In this way we ensure the high quality standards demanded of our products. • Dimensional check • Screw-in test • Tensile strength and shearing resistance test • Extraction resistance and pull-through test • Torsional strength test • Hardness and coating thickness test • Torque test • Kesternich test SO2 in accordance with ISO 3231 (accelerated corrosion resistance test) • Cross-cut test (ISO 2409:2007)

EPDM washers are elastomers (long chain polymers that can be vulcanized) The vulcanization process is responsible for the elastic properties of all the materials we commonly call rubber. EPDM offer good resilience, tear strength and has good ability to resist damage from ozone, UV rays and are reasonably resistant to abrasion. They can withstand temperatures up to a high of 300 degrees F for EPDM , and a low of -60 respectively. EPDM has a good resistance to water swell.

Nut Setter

These fit perfectly a hexagon screws head

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