Stainless Steel Spring Wire

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials on the planet thanks to a wide range of qualities including its strength, ductility and strong resistance to corrosion and extremes of temperature. The material is ideal for creating all kinds of springs, particularly those that are difficult to replace or operate in low-maintenance applications.

BS Stainless is the UK's largest independent supplier of stainless steel wire, including spring wire. All of the spring wires we produce are manufactured to the very highest quality levels, ensuring that they display consistently excellent capabilities when it comes to spring forming.

We manufacture stainless steel spring wire using a precision cold-drawing process. This ensures that the wire has the very best helix and cast charac­te­ristics, combined with high elasticity and strong resistance to fatigue. Our stock range of spring wire is extensive and is increasing all the time, with many different sizes and grades always available: the entire collection is guaranteed to meet the exacting standards set out in the EN10270-3 specification.

To make sure that optimal efficiency and performance is achieved when machining, spring wire from BS Stainless is supplied with a soap coating: this allows spring forming machines to work at a high speed without compromising on the characteristics of spring coiling. Where this coasting is not required, we can offer the spring wire with a bright finish. Spring wire with an especially small diameter (between 0.20mm and 1.60mm) can be supplied with a special nickel coating which has been specifically designed to suit such fine wires.

In addition to stainless steel spring wire, BS Stainless also offer access to a range of different spring types, including mighty (mity) springs, expansion springs and ultra springs. Find out more about all of these products on our website.

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