Stainless Steel Shines Bright!

Taking the name of “The Orb” and valued at £95,000 stainless steel cutlery has been used to form part of a pendant lamp which now shines bright over shoppers in the well known Harrods Store, London.

Just less than eight hundred stainless steel serving spoons from Staffordshire are combined with one hundred and fifty diamonds to make this striking piece and all this just to prove a point.

The high quality stainless steel spoons were produced by Arthur Price and are individually set with seven carats of diamonds, fifteen concentric layers of spoons are internally lit by six hundred LED bulbs, and secured with over thirty thousand precision laser welds, all of which are completed by hand and finally make up “The Orb”.

The designer, Mr Nick Fitch said that he has a love for precious metals which influenced him to push the boundaries and produce this globe shaped piece.

Stainless steel is a precious metal, used within many industries and heavily relied upon BS Stainless are an independent supplier of this fantastic material. Known for its resistance to corrosion it can be easily cut, welded, formed, machined and fabricated at ease.

Its application to both building works and art are in fact stark contrast but the reasons behind why this metal is chosen usually are the same, durability, resistance to corrosion, low maintenance and it is fully recyclable.

If the precious metal, stainless steel is something that you need for whatever reason then why not take a look at our full range of stainless steel products. Whether it is a stainless steel wire that you need or a stainless steel sheet, you can be sure to find it at BS Stainless.

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