Stainless Steel Environmentally Friendly

The effect that will be caused to the environment through sourcing a particular material often is an extremely important factor and influences our material selection.

If the sourcing of a material proves to be damaging to the environment then a number of issues are raised. On major issue which affects material selection is whether or not the material is recyclable. However, the stainless steel industry has proven to be extremely environmentally friendly. This is because it uses primary energy sparingly, saves non-renewable sources and limits the waste stream.

A product which is made from stainless steel such as stainless steel wire or stainless steel banding will never become useless at the end of its life and this is because stainless steel can be separated systematically and thus can enter the recycling system.

Recycling is deemed viable when applied to stainless steel because within the stainless steel is iron, nickel, chromium all which are raw materials and so the process of recycling stainless steel is carried out globally all over the world.

Production and recycling are not separate stages in the life of stainless steel it is important to notice that they are one and the same process. Any stainless steel object has about 60% recycled content within it.

Stainless steel therefore isn’t consumed but is rather sustained; although it is recycled and thus produced it is important to note that it does not degrade in any way once recycled.

BS Stainless established in 1998 have been part of this recycling and production loop, being aware of environmental issues is something which we value so being part of an industry which is environmentally friendly is something we are proud of.

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