Stainless Steel Prices on the Increase

Since the start of the year demand for stainless steel has certainly increased not just in the UK with sectors such as construction and automotive being strong, worldwide demand has increased as the economy starts to bounce back. With increased demand this has been leading to reduced stocks and availability Mills are sensing now is the time to increase base prices; with a North American mill increasing prices in January followed now by the European mills announcing base price increases from April.

All these factors including a slight strengthening of the Nickel LME price points towards higher prices during quarter two of 2014. This will put increased pressure on manufacturers just recovering from the worst economic crisis they have ever faced. BS Stainless will work with their customers to support them however they can, including holding additional stocks and securing the best possible price levels. Please contact your local representative call +44 (0) 1772 337555 or email to see how we can work with you. All our prices in our online shop remain unchanged.

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