Generating Power - Essential Insulation

The generation of power for an increasingly demanding world is an essential process which employs millions of skilled workers around the world. Oil and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) are major resources that must be mined from deep underground or beneath the sea, processes which make extensive use of stainless steel materials and components in many of their aspects.

Though oil continues to be of major importance, the use of LNG is steadily rising. One of the safest, most efficient power sources currently used in the world, LNG provides an essential source of power to millions of homes, businesses and industries. In the UK, much of the gas used originates in the North Sea though dwindling supplies have seen an increase in the amount we import (currently around 10%).

The most recent terminal and storage area in the UK is Grain LNG in Kent; BS Stainless were proud to supply much of the stainless steel used at  the Kent  site.

The process of obtaining LNG begins with the extraction of raw gas which is then super-cooled to change it to a liquid state. This liquid can then easily be packed and transported to its intended location where it will be turned back into gas for use. Many stainless steel components and materials, including precision-sheared blanks, tying and welding wire, expansion springs and strip coil, are used in the array of tools and machinery required to facilitate this essential process.

One of the most important aspects of LNG production is insulation. This ensures that all processes and machinery functions at its correct working temperature while reducing the company's carbon footprint thanks to the substantial savings in energy. Insulation can be firmly affixed using our stainless steel banding which, with its innovative safe edge and CE Marking unique to BS Stainless, is one of the safest and highest-quality options.

The current record-holder in terms of LNG importation is held by the South Korean organisation KOGAS, owners and operators of the largest pipeline and re-gasification systems in the world. Surrounded by important players in the LNG market such as Japan and Russia, South Korea is of major strategic importance and, as such, has been chosen to host the 41st Gastech Conference in March 2014, where representatives from BS Stainless will maintain our usual presence. This is particularly important as we actively supply many products from our range to the LNG industry in South Korea.

Several topics are to be discussed and debated over four days by over 300 exhibitors at Gastech 2014. These include natural gas vehicles, pipeline infrastructure, liquefaction and offshore technologies, as well as a strong focus on sustainability for the future. As insulation is such an important factor in reducing energy waste, our representatives are looking forward to sharing the many benefits that using our superlative range of stainless steel products brings.

For further information about Gastech 2014, please visit their official site at http://­www.­gastechkorea.­com. To contact our dedicated and professional customer service team, call us on +44 (0)1772 337555 or send email to BS Stainless- your partner for stainless steel.

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