Stainless Steel Output a Record High

Globally the total output for crude stainless steel in 2010 has been provisionally reported at 30685 million tonnes, with the majority of companies still producing stainless steel at well below their highest recorded levels it is China that is leader of the pack.

They have doubled their output of stainless steel in the last five years contributing to the overall global output which for 2011 is forecast to give another record output of around 33.2 million tonnes.

Crude stainless steel is different for each country, BS Stainless bring to you the predictions for 2011:

United States, total currently is 2.2 million tonnes an increase of 35% from 2009 but for 2011 it is predicted that there will be a 6% increase over the twelve months and overall they will total 2.3 million tonnes.

Japan, total in 2010 was 3.27 million tonnes, which is less than 84% of the 2006 all time high but unfortunately for Japan, the earthquake and tsunami which hit them hard will have a negative influence on production figures from March onwards. It is for this reason that for 2011 we are predicting a minimal output.

South Korea, towards the second half of 2010 was seeing a strong output of 2 million tonnes. However, they may find themselves in demand in 2011 due to all the rebuilding work that will be ongoing in Japan. Therefore we make a prediction that their output growth will increase by 10% resulting in 2.2 million tonnes equalling their 2006 record.

Taiwan, in 2010 reported 1.5 million tonnes of stainless steel output but this was still only 93% of the 2006 peak, however during 2011 they plan to use their full capacity and it is this reason why we predict a 5% increase, year on year and thus pushing them to 1.6 million tonne output.

But as mentioned earlier it really is China who is leader of the pack, receiving a full year total of 11.3 million tonnes, they doubled the figure of 2006 and for 2011 we predict a significant growth of nearly 14% this will result in an annual output of 12.8 million tonnes.

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