Stainless Steel Lock Bolts from BS Stainless

Providing an array of advantages over standard bolts and rivets, lock bolts are traditionally made from steel or aluminium. BS Stainless can now provide these superior fastenings in stainless steel. In this edition of our blog, we'll be looking in more detail at our Multinox M-grip lock bolts.

Put simply, a lock bolt is a bolt that, when installed, locks securely in place. The fastening is so secure that it will not loosen at all over time, even when subject to high levels of vibration and stress. They can be used in a multitude of applications to replace conventional bolts or rivets including for JCB/Caterpillar type tracks, truck bodies, mirrors. grilles, cable trays, construction projects and many more.

Lock bolts are composed of a collar and a pin. They boast a strength that is far superior to standard bolts and rivets and there is no need for extra securing pieces like lock washers and cotter pins. As the lock bolt is set from the collar side, with the collar being pulled and swaged onto it during installation, there is no need to apply torque from both sides as with ordinary nuts and bolts. This makes installation far quicker and easier, saving time and reducing operator fatigue.

Multinox M-grip lock bolts from BS Stainless are of the pintail variety. This means that they have a breakpoint incorporated into the pin, causing separation of the tail upon installation with a battery-powered hand tool (similar to a riveting tool). The pintail is then ejected to be collected into the tool's containment system.

In addition to improved performance and corrosion resistance, Multinox M-grip stainless steel lock bolts offer dramatic time savings. A traditional bolt would have to be tightened with spanners from each side and another person would often be required to hold the section in place. Compared to this method, using lock bolts is like a Formula One pit-stop wheel change!

Multinox M-grip lock bolts have a wide grip range and are available from BS Stainless in a variety of sizes, which can replace up to 14 sizes of classic six-groove fastener systems and thus reduce inventory. We can supply the lock bolts in either grade 304 or 316 stainless steel and, if an attractive aesthetic is required, with brightly-polished heads.

Multinox M-grip lock bolts are the future of stainless steel bolts. Find out more on our website. BS Stainless: your partner for stainless steel.

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