Stainless Steel is Self Healing

Stainless Steel is widely used for a range of applications within our society today, this is due to its many benefits however BS Stainless bet that you didn’t know that it is actually self healing?

Now you may well be wondering what on earth we are going on about here but Stainless steel won’t crack, chip or corrodeunder normal use which is probably why it is used so heavily with the construction industry.

The alloy nature of Stainless Steel and its thin, transparent layer on the surface provides a self healing feature. When activated by oxygen within the air or water then it is this layer which repairs lightly scratched or any damage to the surface.

Being iron-based alloys Stainless Steel contains a minimum of around 10.5% chromium and it is this which forms the self-healing layer of oxide which then reacts with oxygen and water. When Stainless Steel is scratched or damaged the self-healing process means that it can regain its resistance to corrosion once more.

Stainless steel therefore remains bright even after it has been in use for years - it is a shame that there isn’t this feature placed on us humans!

This clever feature means that stainless steel sheet, stainless steel wire and your stainless steel banding can heal itself if it becomes lightly scratched or damaged.

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