Stainless Steel in 2013 - A Forecast

Stainless steel prices are set to rise in early 2013, according to leading steel-sector consultancy company MEPS. The organisation, which operates on a global basis, believes that the first half of next year will see an increase in EU average stainless steel transaction values.

MEPS (Management, Engineering and Production Services) was formed in 1979 by Peter Fish, who remains both the Chairman and Managing Director of the company to this day. Beginning life as a consultancy company focusing mainly on the steel sector, the company began producing publications in 1984 and retained the recognised MEPS brand for the new company name, MEPS (International) Ltd. With the steel industry firmly at the centre of its business, MEPS provide a diverse range of advice and services to many of the world's largest companies via their multi-disciplined team of highly-skilled consultants in the UK and throughout the world. Their data, which includes price, production and consumption is highly valued right across the steel industry.

During October this year, the average EU stainless steel transaction values for all austenitic grades showed a marked increase. Several EU mills had the ability to implement an advance in the basis numbers and the slight rise of alloy surcharges further added to the increasing price. This slight rise is expected to lead to further advances of stainless steel selling figures during November though end-user demand is predicted to remain at a modest level for the rest of 2012.

As a number of customers will increase purchases during the spring high-consumption season, transaction values for stainless steel are expected to rise in 2013. Raw material costs, also predicted to increase, will cause prices to rise even higher. The small recovery in consumption that is forceast for 2013 is, however, likely to limit price increases and could possibly lead to a decline in sales by the start of the third quarter.

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