Stainless Steel Expansion and compression springs

Insulation cladding or metal jacketing used for the oil and gas industry is widely secured in place with stainless steel banding and wing seals. However in certain areas allowance for expansion has to be considered. This issue has been solved by using two alternative springs. The first one is simply referred to as an expansion spring, designed to work with 19mm (3/4”) banding the metal band is thread through the outer wire loops then back on itself. Usually closed seals are then applied once the banding has been tensioned correctly.

This option is ideal for pipework cladding but as the outside diameter increases or for use with tanks the best option is a compression spring sometime referred to as a Mity Spring. These incorporate a bolt that can be tightened and a metal housing to add strength. Fixed in a similar way with 19mm (3/4”) banding this option included two slots in each side of the springs so four in total for the strapping to feed through.

One issue up to now has been for larger tanks many insulation specifications including CINI will request wider bands for strength especially for resistance to wind. This causes an issue when expansion and movement is expected as springs to suit 40mm (1.5”) have been hard to come by sometimes imaginative engineers on site have tried to solve with a varying degree of success. Enter the Ultra Spring from BS Stainless to remove the risks part of the Bandfix® range of industrial ancillaries.

The ultra Spring take the engineering of the compression spring and moves it forward, manufactured from either 304 (1.4301) stainless steel or 316 (1.4404) the added base plates with slots increase the strength to allow for higher loading and 40mm (1.5”) banding. The unique design also allows for another variant using the same technology to suit 50mm (2”) banding or 25mm (1”) strapping sometimes referred to as storm banding. Quick and easy to fit but with much lower cost than some heavy duty over engineered alternatives such as the Super Spring this new addition is ideal for thermal insulation projects around the world.

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