Stainless Steel Edge Dressing

As the safety rules around the world become increasingly important more and more applications have been developed that require safe edges for stainless steel. This is fairly standard for domestic uses or often a process added by hand by fabricators and engineering companies as requested.

More recently there is demand for materials to arrive at the manufacturer already with a safe edge prior to final production. BS Stainless have developed several processes to offer a high quality and efficient service, this enables them to supply stainless steel blanks or stainless steel coil with a safe burr free edge for handling.

Using their in house processing facilities BS Stainless can be supplied from 0.3mm up to 5.00mm in all their range of stainless steel grades, in the case of blanks they can process from one edge to multiples edges then pack to customer requirements.

Similarly with coil material after edge dressing can be processed into small coils for handling where required or traverse wound to produce oscillated coils then packed to their individual customer requirements.

All material is produced to strict tolerances and the highest quality within the scope of ISO 9001 quality assurance, materials are supplied to industries as diverse as catering equipment manufacturers to oil refineries, car makers to construction companies.

BS Stainless continues to strive to bring leading products to the market place, listening closely to their customers’ needs. Stainless Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Banding and Stainless Steel Strip Coil.

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