Stainless Steel Coil: The Right Grade, The Right Finish

Due to its exceptional versatility, stainless steel strip coil is used in many industries for all sorts of different purposes: applications include the manufacture of surgical instruments, springs, flexible tubing, filtration devices, cutlery and heat exchangers/­elements. BS Stainless is a specialist supplier of stainless steel strip coil in a comprehensive selection of formats.


An extremely versatile component, stainless steel strip coil has many and diverse uses and applications across the spectrum of industry. These include fabricating heating elements, surgical instruments, cutlery, springs, filtration devices, flexible tubing and heat exchangers. BS Stainless supply a comprehensive collection of stainless steel strip coil, with an equally comprehensive array of grades and finishes available.


We can supply strip coil in any grade of stainless steel. The most common are:

  • 304. The most popular grade we supply, 304 shoes good corrosion resistance and can be easily welded, shaped or roll-formed.
  • 316. The addition of molybdenum results in Grade 316 stainless steel, an alloy with excellent resistance to corrosion that makes it ideal for use in acidic, marine or otherwise-demanding environments.
  • 321. This grade contains titanium, known for its hardness and strength. Grade 321 steel is particularly suitable for welding and strongly resists intergranular corrosion.


Our stainless steel coil can be finished in a number of ways, including:

  • 2B. This is the most commonly used surface finish, comprising a smooth and reflective grey sheen.
  • 2D. A matt finish, 2D displays a low level of reflectivity.
  • 2E. If a dull, slightly rough finish is required, 2E should be chosen.
  • Bright Annealed (BA). Used to create a highly-reflective finish, BA stainless steel strip coil is cold-rolled and annealed in a carefully controlled ad maintained atmosphere.
  • Hot Rolled (HR). This delivers a scaled finish that is commonly selected when attractive aesthetic quality is not a key requirement.

All of the strip coil we supply is manufactured within the scope of our ISO 9001:2015 accredited management system and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications set out in BS EN 10088-2. All of the details can be found on the BS Stainless website and, if required, further information can be provided by our expert technical tram.

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