Stainless Steel Coil: Calculate with Confidence

Before embarking on any project that uses stainless steel coil, it is crucial to accurately identify and calculate a number of dimensions: this can be a complex and time-consuming task. To take all of the hard work out of this process, experts at BS Stainless have created the Coil Calculator, which is freely available for use on our website.


Stainless Steel Coil: Calculate with Confidence


The BS Stainless Coil Calculator has been designed for ultimate user satisfaction. It is easy to operate and provides many different types of result. The outside diameter, weight, and length of any amount of stainless steel coil can quickly be calculated by simply entering all known parameters.

One way of using the BS Stainless Coil Calculator is to check if a particular weight or length of coil will be a suitable fit for a piece of machinery. For example it is possible that the user will know the weight of a coil but their machinery will only fit coils with a particular outside diameter. Simply add the details of the weight and dimensions of the coil and the outside diameter will be calculated. 

Another application is to find out the number of metres that will be supplied when purchasing by weight: this method is especially suited to customers requiring a fixed amount of linear metres (as is often the case when fitting metal jacketing or cladding around a pipe or tank's circumference).

The BS Stainless Coil Calculator can be found on a dedicated page of our website. On this page, you will also find a detailed diagram of a standard stainless steel coil that is clearly labelled with its different dimensions: this facilitates the fast, accurate identification of the required values. Once these are identified and inputted, the calculator will immediately provide the necessary results.

You can use the Coil Calculator absolutely free of charge with compliments of BS Stainless. If you need any further information or advice, please get in touch with a member of our skilled technical team.

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