Stainless Steel Architecture & Art in the News

In testament to its unique, unmatched versatility, stainless steel has again been in the headlines recently for a variety of different reasons. From a proposal for a record-breaking ferris wheel to intricate sculptures and an exquisite staircase, stainless steel has once again proved why it is the material of choice for countless applications.

Spokeless Ferris Wheel
The city of Seoul in South Korea has revealed proposals for the world's largest spokeless ferris wheel, which is set to be opened to the public by 2025. Dubbed the 'Seoul Ring', the futuristic creation will be built at Haneul Park, a former landfill site, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

When the Seoul Ring is completed, it will stand at a towering 591 feet, which is a full 149 feet higher than the London Eye. This dwarfs the current record-holder in China which is a mere 475 feet in height. Riders will be treated to stunning views across Namsan Mountain, the Hangang River and downtown Seoul.

The wheel will boast 36 carriages which, made using stainless steel polished to a beautiful mirror finish, will each have a capacity of 25 people. Stainless steel will also be heavily relied upon to provide the myriad fixtures and fittings that will allow the wheel to operate smoothly and safely.

Liquid Narratives
The first UK exhibition of the work of Chinese artist Zheng Lu is currently taking place in London's exclusive HOFA gallery and runs until Wednesday 29th March. Entitled 'Liquid Narratives', the exhibition comprises a number of delicate and intricate stainless steel sculptures that represent splashes of water, defying the industrial qualities usually associated with the ubiquitous metal. The surface of each sculpture is composed of many thousands of Chinese characters which have been derived from historical poems and texts.

De La Sól/Shadow, Vietnam
A new 'mixed concept space' has recently been completed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Designed by The Lab Saigon, the space has been built within the renovated remains of a historic villa and comprises a cafe, exhibition area and office buildings.

At the heart of the space is an extensive open courtyard, the key feature of which is a dramatically-looping spiral staircase made from stainless steel. Designed to 'absorb dappled reflections of surrounding structures', the exquisite structure represents the perfect harmony of form and function.

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