Soundmet - Help Shape the Future of Acoustics

Once created, new technologies begin to be utilised in ways that were never envisioned by the creators - a great example is the Apple Watch which, state-of-the-art, is mostly made from stainless steel that was invented more than a hundred years ago. When BS Stainless originally began creating Soundmet, it was with the intention of supplying the product to oil & gas processing plants and we are now looking at ways to bring the technology to other sectors.

Noise Action Week recently saw many companies and organisations working together to reduce the damaging effects of excess sound pollution and BS Stainless have been busy promoting Soundmet as an effective way to protect employees and equipment. The event has inspired us to reach out to all companies requiring acoustic control - we want to provide the solution with Soundmet.

Soundmet has potential applications for:

  • Vehicles - from domestic caravans to industrial ships

  • Air conditioning

  • Motorway Barriers

  • Performance spaces -  from theatres and cinemas to concert venues and stadia

  • Tunnels

  • Offshore residential modules

  • Educational facilities

Utilising an innovative combination of steel and vinyl, seamlessly laminated together, Soundmet is a cost-effective yet incredibly reliable system that reduces the amount of both materials and labour time required for successful installation. The unique product is particularly versatile in that it can be re-formulated for specific applications, adding exceptional acoustic-dampening properties to reduce noise levels. We are also able to deliver bespoke solutions including fire resistance.

We invite you to contact BS Stainless today to discuss the unique requirements of your company or organisation and to request a sample of Soundmet. We are confident that Soundmet, along with its complementary ancillary options, can provide the perfect solution and our expert team will work closely with you to ensure successful installation and an unparallelled level of after-sales service.

Don’t let noise be a problem, causing damage to workers, machinery and materials - call our team and find out how Soundmet could be the answer to all of your problems. We would love to share your story in our newsletter, which reaches thousands of subscribers - email us for more details! Soundmet from BS Stainless - the future of acoustics.

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