Bandfix® SafeEdge - Goodbye Gloves, Hello Hands!

When it is fabricated and processed, ordinary stainless steel banding is left with a razor-sharp ‘burr’, a dangerous edge that obviously compromises the safety of the operator, putting them at risk of laceration during the necessary handling required for use.. The traditional solution to the problem is to wear heavy, cumbersome and productivity-reducing safety gloves but, displaying the innovative thinking that can only come from many years of development and experience in the industry, BS Stainless looked to the metal itself for the answer and the result was Bandfix® SafeEdge stainless steel banding.

Used all over the world both offshore and on, Bandfix® SafeEdge from BS Stainless is the very definition of safety and is freely used by operators without the need for safety gloves. Metal banding is of great use at many industrial sites from cable banding and secure strapping to vital insulation jacketing applications and the innate strength and formability of the metal means that it can be moved and re-used several times, even in different locations such as from vehicle to racking and back again.

As well as being incredibly safe, Bandfix® SafeEdge stainless steel banding and the related ancillary products such as stainless steel clips and our comprehensive variety of tensioning tools are flexible, versatile and remarkably easy to use. The material can be precisely cut to exact requirements whilst on-site to minimise wastage and continues to be the product of choice across industry, particularly in the LNG and oil processing sectors.

Check the Credentials

Our efficient and highly-successful Bandfix® collection of stainless steel banding and accessories is supplied to meet CPR (Construction Products Regulations) 305/2011. Full data sheets are available on each individual component of the range, along with CE-mark certificates audited by Lloyd’s Registers.

Choose the Size

The Bandfix® SafeEdge system can be supplied in small coils that are lightweight and easy to transport, store and handle, making them the perfect choice for a number of offshore applications when working in high-risk areas such as on gantries, ladders or scaffolding. For more heavy-duty work, including securing metal jacketing insulation to tanks, piping and vessels, our industrial-sized rolls of stainless steel banding are designed to deliver consistently-professional quality throughout, ensuring a successful project.

Choose the Grade

Bandfix® SafeEdge stainless steel banding is supplied fabricated from metal of either grade-304 or grade-316. Standard corrosion resistance, suitable for most land-based applications, is provided by grade-304 stainless steel while coastal and offshore usage requires the more robust protection provided by grade-316.

Choose the Dimensions

Our tightly and securely rolled Bandfix® SafeEdge is available in standard lengths of 30m/100ft and 200m/650ft per coil and there are a number of width choices to let you create the perfect combination to suit your project’s needs exactly.Being a manufacturer we can tailor sizes to your needs so if you want larger or smaller rolls or specific widths subject to minimum quantity restrictions we can produce. 

Need Advice, Support or Information?

Call us. We employ a highly-trained team who can quickly and competently answer any of your questions whether about technical, pricing, administrative or other matters.

Packed & Sent

When your bespoke order is complete, we will pack the Bandfix® SafeEdge stainless steel banding securely into sturdy, individual boxes (which double up as a handy carrying-case to quickly and easily transport the coils to where they are needed) and deliver them promptly to anywhere in the world for your convenience.

For all of your stainless steel banding needs whether they involve strapping, insulating or bundling, choose the Bandfix® family of products from BS Stainless - strength, safety, simplicity.

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