Shaped Stainless Steel Wire: From Brick Ladders to Speedy Skis

Along with stainless steel, the various types of masonry are structural staples, used extensively in building everything from domestic houses to industrial bridges. Brick is one of the most common masonry types used in construction though many structures require that the brickwork be reinforced: this is usually achieved with the use of steel ties, also referred to as 'ladders' due to their distinctive shape.

Brick ladders are fabricated steel reinforcements which, located in bed joints, deliver improved strength to masonry panels without corresponding thickening occurring in the wall itself. Longitudinal steel wires are flattened to ensure good mortar cover even when lapped or used with wall ties, while cross wires are welded in the same plane as the main wires usually at 450mm centres. There are variations such as sing leaf, double leaf systems. Their are alterantive wire options such as heavy duty or light duty.

BS Stainless is a specialist supplier of shaped wire and the brick ladder shape is just one of a near-infinite variety of wire shapes that we can quickly and accurately produce. Whether triangles, rectangles, half-rounds or a bespoke shape created to clients' unique designs or sizes, the profiled wire supplied by BS Stainless is guaranteed to meet demands.

Although most commonly used in stainless steel, BS Stainless can supply profiles in other materials such as Galvanised steel. In some instances Galvanised wire is used for brick reinforcement.

The unique versatility of profiled wire is revealed in just a few examples of the diverse uses to which it can be put: brick ladders, edge wire gratings, hard wearing inlays for commercial kitchens, spoke wheels, meshes and car grills are just the tip of the iceberg. As well as these industrial uses, shaped wire also has a part to play in many sporting activities, one of which is skiing: standard skis incorporate a mostly hidden stainless steel trim.

Whatever the application it's used for, profiled wire must be manufactured to the most precise tolerances to ensure successful results. BS Stainless combine experience, intelligence and innovation with the use of cutting edge technology to deliver shaped wire that is guaranteed to be 100% flawless from the first metre to the last.

Find out more about profiled wire on our website and get in touch with out competent technical team to discuss your individual requirements.

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