Record-Breaking Steel

Steel is one of the most versatile materials on the planet. It is used to make everything from precision surgical instruments to giant bridges! In this edition of our blog, we look at some record-breaking items made using steel...

Record-Breaking Steel

Largest Stainless Steel Spoon

More often associated with destroying spoons rather than creating them, Israel's Uri Geller is the holder of this record. Standing in pride of place outside the Uri Geller Museum in Tel Aviv, the mammoth spoon is 16.18m in length and has a bowl diameter of 2.03m.

Largest Stainless Steel Serving-Plate

The Ajman Municipality & Planning Department in the United Arab Emirates set this record with a steel serving plate measuring 18m long and 2.35m wide. After the record was officially confirmed, the giant plate was used to serve meals to the public.

Largest Stainless Steel Paperclip

At 9.28m high and 2.72m wide, the world's largest paperclip was created by Russia's Evgeny Stepovik in 2010. Not counting its supporting structure, the paperclip weighed a whopping 530kg.

Largest Steel Sculpture

Depicting Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, the world's largest steel sculpture measures a remarkable 30.3m x 35.9m x 13.7m. The impressive sculpture, which weighs over 285 tonnes, took 20 years to complete.

Steel Rollercoasters

Tough and strong yet highly flexible and versatile, steel is the material of choice for most modern rollercoasters. World-record holders include:

  • Longest. 'Steel Dragon' in Japan (2,479m)
  • Tallest. 'Kingda Ka' in the USA (139m)
  • Fastest. 'Formula Rossa' in the UAE (149mph)

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