Record-Breaking Nails!

To help cheer everyone up during the coronavirus outbreak, in the last edition of the BS Stainless blog we shared stories of some amazing world records relating to steel. As the official advice is still to STAY HOME, we thought we'd continue with our record-breaking theme: this time we're looking at the weird and wonderful world of nails (and not the kind that grow on your fingers and toes).

Please don't try any of these at home: apart from possibly being dangerous, it's a waste of good nails!

Record-Breaking Nails!

World's Fastest Time to Bend Ten Nails

Martial arts expert Chad Netherland of the USA achieved this record in 2006, when he took a fraction over 21 seconds to bend 10 separate nails. Netherland also holds a number of other records, including Fastest Time to Escape from a Pair of Handcuffs  (1.59 seconds) and Fastest. Time to Rip Ten Packs of Cards (46 seconds).

Most Nails Hammered by Hand in One Minute

This painful-sounding record was achieved by China's Ding Zhaohai. In just 60 seconds, Zhaohai somehow managed to hammer 42 nails by hand into a block of timber./p>

Most Nails Hammered with the Head in One Minute

If you think the previous record sounded painful, then how about this one set by Saidalavi K V of India?! Using just his head, Saidalav hammered in 20 nails in 60 seconds.

Most People Hammering a Nail Simultaneously

As part of their 60th birthday celebrations, the Nerima branch of the Tokyo General Construction Workers Union in Japan decided to set this bizarre record. The total number of people confirmed as hammering a single nail simultaneously was an unbelievable 470.

Most Nails Inserted into the Nose Simultaneously

No, we're not even joking: this daft record actually exists. Averaging one nail every two seconds, Burnaby Q. Orbax from Canada somehow managed to insert 15 nails into his nostrils in 30 seconds. Perhaps not surprisingly, Orbax had no competition and was challenging his own previous record of 13 nails in the nose./p>

While all of this is very interesting, we here at BS Stainless think that nails are better used for less ridiculous purposes. From construction to catering, stainless steel nails are one of the most versatile fastenings on the planet and we supply the very best. Discover more on our website.

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