Aluminized steel Type 2

Aluminized steel Type 2

Oil and gas metal cladding


Aluminized steel type 2 is widely used for industrial cladding and jacketing over insulation. Not to be mixed up with Type 1 Aluminised steel. Aluminized steel is produced by hot dip coating carbon steel with commercially pure aluminium. The key difference between these types of steel is the coating thickness. Type 2 aluminium coating is a minimum of 300 g/m2 in total of both sides also described as 1 ounce coating for our North American visitors.

Aluminized steel combines the strength of steel and the non corrosive properties of aluminium this way offering both strength, corrosion resistance required yet lower cost than other materials such as stainless steel. It offers good formability allowing it to be folded, bent, roll formed or corrugated. Easily cut to size its normally supplied in coils or rolls but can also be supplied cut to required length in flat sheets or corrugated sheets. Its been used as a jacketing and cladding product for oil, chemical and gas plants for many years. Its easily fixed and secured in place with stainless steel banding, wing seals, screws or rivets. For screws it is recommended the use of EPDM, Neoprene or Polyamide washers.

Due to the coating thickness Type 1 Aluminized steel is not recommended for use as jacketing over insulation in petrochemical plants or gas plants the risk of corrosion would be too high.

Type 2 aluminized steel can also be supplied with a factory bonded Surlyn moisture barrier (DryMet), or a mass loaded vinyl acoustic barrier bonded to the steel (SoundMet).

Typical sizes available are 1000mm or 48" (1220 mm) wide - thickness range 0.5mm - 1.2mm are standard heavy gauges up to 3mm on request.

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