Our First Patent! Ecoseal Wing Seals

BS Stainless are extremely proud to announce that our very first patent application has been granted. In a process that has taken nearly four years, our ECOseal wing seals are now patent protected and we will continue supplying the product worldwide.

Ecoseal is an improved fixing solution for stainless steel banding that is more efficient and stronger used in industrial insulation. When securing insulation (such as Foamglas,PIR, metal cladding or mass loaded vinyl) using stainless steel banding, it is crucial that the substrate is not pierced often the case with screws or rivets. If this happens, water ingress is possible and this can cause corrosion.

The solution to the problem is to tension the banding using a banding tool before trimming with a cutter and hammering down the wings; this prevents the band slipping. If required further expansion and compression can be allowed with the use of expansion springs.

Wing seals have in the past presented several issues. Strength is extremely important as the strong upward pressure on the seal’s bridge must be resisted. Due to the size of the wings, excess force was needed to secure them which often resulted in damage to the insulating materials. The weight of the seals also caused an issue; more steel equals more production energy required along with added packaging, shipping and storage space.

Our newly-patented Ecoseal wing seals, developed in 2015, solve all the issues associated with their predecessors. Independent testing has shown the Ecoseal to be 20% stronger than the standard version with 12% less metal content. The Ecoseal offers all of the performance benefits such as resistance to corrosion yet is quicker, easier and more reliable to apply, saving time and money simultaneously. The reduced size means that up to 25% more seals can fit on a single pallet, dramatically reducing shipping volume and securing the ‘eco’ part of the product name.

The original idea for Ecoseal came from Mark Almond at BS Stainless, whose name is listed on the patent certificate alongside Kashif Mohammad, our chartered engineer and Dr Abhishek Asthana from Sheffield Hallam, who supported Kashif during the KTP partnership. Since it was launched in 2015, the Ecoseal has been used worldwide at oil and gas plants; demand continues to increase and the newly-granted patent further secures our role in these crucial facilities.

Find our more about Ecoseal on our website and contact us to discuss bespoke requirements.

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