Optimising our Service to You — Investment at BS Stainless

We consistently reinvest in our business in order that we can deliver the most comprehensive service and products to our customers. From product research & development to website functionality, all sectors of our working practice are constantly examined and optimised as requirements dictate - to this end, we have recently taken delivery of a fleet of new materials handling vehicles along with creating a new working area at our modern premises.

Moving heavy, cumbersome and awkwardly-shaped items is all in a day’s work here at BS Stainless and we make sure that this is always carried out safely and efficiently. After deciding to improve our fleet of materials handling vehicles, decision-makers from the company spent many hours carrying out detailed research and communicating with vehicle manufacturers to decide on the best vehicle for the job. Much deliberation led us to choose three forklift trucks designed, engineered and built by world-renowned manufacturer Toyota.

Producing more vehicles than both General Motors and Volkswagen, the Toyota company makes over 10m every year and has manufactured more than 200m since it was established in Japan in 1924.  The Toyota Production System, which operates on the Japanese principle of jidoka (a machine automatically stopping when a problem is detected), was patented and became hugely influential all over the world, appearing in machines producing a vast and diverse array of goods. Reliable, professional and of unrivalled quality, Toyota vehicles are hard to beat and will dramatically increase our productivity levels and materials-handling safety and efficiency.

Space is always at a premium and, as our scope of work increases by the day, we decided to create a brand new area at our state-of-the-art premises. In a brilliantly-innovative solution, an internal mezzanine floor has been built, giving us a massive 2,500 sq. ft. of extra room. We have invested in significant stocks of fasteners including screws, rivets, toggles, drill bits, screw bits and tools. This is to support three major growth areas export for oil and gas projects, UK fastener market and our online trading platform bsfixings.uk. Work is complete and the space is now fully usable, further extending our capabilities to directly benefit both our customers and staff.

Whatever your stainless steel requirements, we have got them covered. From simple yet effective stainless steel banding right through to metal jacketing of industrial strength and quality, our product portfolio goes beyond the ordinary. BS Stainless - your partner for stainless steel.

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