Olympics Use of Stainless Steel

The Olympic Games which began more than two thousand years ago has become a competition ground for the world’s greatest athletes to join together and battle it out for medal positions.

Eventually over time it has developed from an event which was exclusive for the citizens of Ancient Greece to an event which is worldwide and known for its opening ceremony which is lavish, extreme and extremely prestigious.

However the Olympics this year have taken advantage of stainless steel using it for many purposes. They will be using stainless steel catering equipment, architectural, construction for all the fixings, ducting, machines, turnstiles, handrails and many more. BS Stainless is proud to have supplied material to this event, although we never know directly we supply to many construction companies who are involved within the set up of this.

Furthermore though, a combination of stainless steel and glass are going to be used to form the word “RUN” which will be constructed on the plaza of the Handball Arena in the north of the Olympic Park.

The three letters will be nine meters tall and will produce a mirrored effect, depending on the light and time of the day depends on the effect. During the day the letters will act as a mirror, reflecting their surroundings however, night time will see the letters become transparent and their insides will glow thanks to the help of some LED lighting which will have been implemented.

Stainless steel is often a chosen material within the construction industry due to its resistance to corrosion. However it is also resistant to both low and high temperatures, extremely durable, low in maintenance and is a recyclable metal which makes it the obvious alternative.

Stainless steel is extremely strong; its surface can be finished to various aesthetic styles and even to incorporate a hygienic property which is why it is suitably used catering.

BS Stainless continues to supply the construction industry our stainless steel in the form of stainless steel wire, stainless steel banding and stainless steel sheet and other stainless steel products.

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