More Mighty than Mity

Bandfix Stainless Steel Ultra Spring

So you have heard all about springs and they don't grab your attention. And even the mere mighty or mity spring has lost its novelty. Meet the Ultra Spring — the newest member of our very own Bandfix family of products that is already creating quite a stir as its powerful and precise qualities are discovered.

Stainless steel Mity springs, also sometimes known as compression springs or mighty springs, are used to secure insulation around pipes in many industries such as LNG production. Designed to prevent banding from snapping, Mity springs are supplied by BS Stainless to complement our Bandfix family of stainless steel banding system components

As well as securing insulation around pipes, stainless steel mighty/mity springs can also be used on tanks (not the military type!) and other vessels. Expertly assembled using quality components made from Type -302 and Type-304 stainless steel, the springs are affixed strongly to the banding, enabling it to be firmly compressed.

Stainless steel strapping is first inserted through and the brought back over the slots which lie on the flat end of the spring. This strapping is then secured tightly with a stainless steel wing seal, before being extended around to the next spring, a routine that repeats until the area is fully encircled.

Once thus installed, Mity springs then allow for the potential contraction and expansion of vessels, tanks and insulated & jacketed pipes of large diameters. However one problem is that both expansion (breather) springs compression (Mity) springs are designed to work with up to 19mm (3/4") banding and strapping. Often on large tanks greater strength is required with specifications meaning up to 50mm (2") banding which simply wont fit with the standard offerings. In response to popular demand, we have created the Ultra Spring for even larger installations that need even more strength and this means that YOUR  project can get going without delay!

Perfect for a wide range of thermal applications, the new Ultra Spring can also be used with storm banding, strongly resisting extreme winds. The Ultra spring is available in options of 40mm (1.5") and 50mm (2") as standard but can also be manufactured to order in 25mm (1"). Ultra springs can be manufactured in 304 or 316 material to meet the most demanding of applications.­Use of the giant banding tool, also available from BS Stainless, is recommended for tensioning of the banding to ensure the most secure hold where it’s needed the most.

It’s time to get technical — find out all the information on our brand new Bandfix Ultra Spring!

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