Metal Jacketing: Create a Pipe that Lives up to the Hype!

Like the stainless steel they are fabricated from, metal jacketing solutions from BS Stainless display an exceptional level of versatility that sees them facilitating multiple applications. Whether used to clad buildings, insulate industrial machinery or lag pipework, different types of metal jacketing can deliver multiple benefits; these range from preventing corrosion and protecting against damage caused by extremes of temperature to simply enhancing and improving the aesthetic appearance of various structures and equipment.

With winter so close at hand and temperatures falling further with each passing day, it is to the subject of insulating pipework that we turn in this edition of the BS Stainless blog. 

One of the key advantages that arises from using metal jacketing to insulate pipes is that it dramatically improves the overall thermal performance of the insulated equipment or building. In addition to increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of energy bills, these improvements in performance also result in environmental benefits.

Insulation is recognised as being one of the world's leading technologies when it comes to sustainability. The North American Insulation Manufacturers' Association (NAIMA) carried out an in-depth study into mechanical insulation, making use of its cutting-edge, purpose-built computer program called '3E Plus'. Careful analysis and calculation of massive amounts of data revealed that it would take the planting of at least 46 new trees to equal the level of emission-reduction achieved by mechanically insulating just 30cm of pipework.

At BS Stainless, research and development is a core aspect of our operation. This commitment to continually extending our knowledge and pushing the boundaries of what is possible has seen us work in close collaboration with numerous high-profile organisations and leading educational establishments, including UCLan, The University of Salford and Sheffield Hallam University.

It was at Sheffield Hallam University that we went through an intensive project that ran for three consecutive years. The project encompassed a highly-detailed investigation with international oil and gas industries, seeking to improve every possible aspect of metal jacketing. 

By the end of the project, we had designed and developed a groundbreaking method of laminating a range of high-performance coatings onto base metals, primarily stainless steel. Named DryMet®, TedMet®, SoundMet® and CoolMet® — collectively known as the MET® family and patented by BS Stainless — these unique products are now signature items in our comprehensive product range. 

You are invited to browse the BS Stainless website and to visit our YouTube channel to discover full details about our industry-leading array of metal jacketing systems and solutions. If you have any questions or need expert advice, our dedicated technical team can help so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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