Metal Jacketing at Gastech 2015

Everyone at BS Stainless is gearing up for Gastech 2015, which is to take place in Singapore. The conference and exhibition, the largest and most important of its kind in the world, will begin on the 27th October and will welcome thousands of professionals representing a wide range of companies and organisations concerned with the oil and gas industry. SoundMet, our newly developed metal jacketing solution, looks set to take Gastech by storm as we reveal how it can be used to save dramatic and game-changing amounts of time and money.

Singapore comprises a populous mainland, which is surrounded by around 60 small islands. As the fourth-largest global financial centre and boasting one of the busiest ports in the world, Singapore is of major commercial importance and has a globalised, fully-diversified economy. Per capita income in the country is the third-highest around the globe.

The energy industries of Singapore are a major driver of its commercial and economic success. LNG provides nearly 80% of the total fuel mix in Singapore - 7m metric tonnes are imported on average each year from Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore’s neighbours. A third giant LNG storage tank has recently been completed and has created even more valuable opportunities for development.

As an ASEAN member (Association of South East Asian Nations), Singapore has noticed a steady surge in the demands for energy and, according to figures released by the IEA (International Energy Agency), this demand will continue to increase, exceeding an 80% rise by 2035.

SoundMet represents a revolution in metal jacketing insulation. MLV (mineral loaded or mass loaded vinyl) is tightly layer bonded to the metal chosen as a base, totally integrating the two components to form an insulation system with many superior qualities to more conventional products and application methodologies. As well as saving labour and component costs, SoundMet delivers dramatically-enhanced performance across a wide range of applications.

We look forward to visiting the Gastech expo in Singapore later this year and sharing SoundMet with a wider global audience. Like to know more or receive a sample of this game-changing metal jacketing? Call our stainless steel suppliers today!

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