Mass Loaded Vinyl from BS Stainless

In many industries, especially in those related to the processing oil and gas, the high levels of noise emitted by various types of machinery can be a serious issue. The potential damage that can be caused to the hearing or employees has led to health and safety regulations being passed into law, requiring that the owners and operators of such machinery install appropriate sound-dampening systems. 

In oil and gas processing plants, sound-dampening is especially vital as part of insulation systems. One of the most effective ways to provide the necessary reduction in sound is with the use of mass loaded vinyl, a flexible barrier that efficiently reduces the transmission of noise. Demand for this product is particularly high for LNG plants. Installed around LNG and cryogenic pipelines, inside cavities, over lightweight wall and ceilings.

Mass loaded vinyl from BS Stainless is carefully crafted from high-density, naturally-occurring materials. The high mass of the product ensures that it is the most effective acoustic pipe wrap and metal jacketing solution within the demanding oil and gas environments. Loaded with barium sulphate in rigid accordance with the demands of ISO 15665, our mass loaded vinyl is used in an infinite array of engineering and design practices. 
One of the many key qualities of mass loaded vinyl that enables it to offer such effective prevention of noise transmission is its unmatched flexibility, which easily absorbs sounds and vibration. In addition, mass loaded vinyl is also strongly resistant to greases, mineral oils and weak alkalies and acids. Manufactured from PVC its safe and 100% recyclable.

BS Stainless is able to supply premium-quality mass loaded vinyl in a comprehensive range of sizes and weights from 2kg per square metre up to 10kg per square metre; we can also supply the product in several enhanced versions such as with glass reinforcement, for ultra-low temperature applications down to minus 50°C or with enhanced resistance to fire (meeting British Standard BS 476 along with other international specifications). 

Applying mass loaded vinyl to awkward areas like valve boxes and pipe elbows can be difficult. To overcome this problem, BS Stainless can supply the product with an integral adhesive peel-off backing or a bonded foil face moisture barrier . We also offer mass loaded vinyl bonded to metal jacketing made from stainless steel, aluminium and other metals; these products, SoundMet and VibroMet, deliver exceptional savings in terms of both time and cost. 

To find out more details about mass loaded vinyl, SoundMet and VibroMet, please browse the BS Stainless website. If you have any questions or need further information, our dedicated technical team will be more than happy to help so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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