Insulation Metal Jacketing - Select the Best from BS Stainless

The term ‘insulation’ is rarely used to mean a single, standalone product but rather a collection of components working flawlessly and seamlessly together to provide the necessary protection, be it from heat, sound, vibration or all three. An insulation system comprises the insulation material itself along with its securement and outer layer, also referred to as a jacket, cover or lagging - low temperature systems also often utilise a vapour barrier. BS Stainless offer a number of metal jacketing solutions for use across a broad spectrum of industry.

Each component is essential to the system. The insulation material is the first line of defence against energy flow, while the securing method ensures that the material stays tightly in place. If used, a vapour barrier prevents any moisture from passing into the delicate system and potentially causing damage. The pipe insulation jacket has the most work to do, serving a number a needs such as insulation protection, support, system emissivity and outward aesthetic appearance.

Metal is the most commonly-used material for jacketing and stainless steel is a particularly good metal for the job thanks to its myriad qualities. Aluminium is also used though stainless steel offers several distinct advantages. When they first became commonplace, metal jackets were exactly that - all metal with no liner. This led to CUI (corrosion Under Insulation) as moisture seeped from the insulation material, a problem that was solved with the use of Kraft paper which, bonded to the inside surface of the metal jacket, acted as a protective barrier.

BS Stainless have taken this idea further and have created DryMet®, an effective insulation jacketing material that features a heat-laminated polyfilm coating to its underside. This tri-layer coextruded film system utilises DuPont™ Surlyn® and polyethylene to ensure pinholes can never come into alignment, resulting in a metal jacket with exceptional protection against galvanic corrosion under insulation.

DryMet® can be successfully factory-applied to stainless steel and aluminium as well as galvanised steel and aluzinc. A wide range of exterior options, including CoolMet®, DuPont™Tedlar® PVF film and other paint systems, can be taken advantage of to suit the bespoke requirements of any application. Securing metal jacketing is often achieved using stainless steel banding and our Bandfix® family of products, including strapping and seals, are often used to ensure a robust, lasting securement.

Our technical team are standing by to offer clear advice and professional support on the professional metal jacketing products supplied by BS Stainless - call us today.

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