How Does Our Stainless Steel Plate Get Food Onto YOUR Plate?

How Does Our Stainless Steel Plate Get Food Onto YOUR Plate?

The versatility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of stainless steel has seen it rise to become one of the most widely-used metals in existence. Almost any product you care to name will directly or indirectly rely on stainless steel at several stages of production, from the factory that makes it to the truck that delivers it, including all the computer-driven logistics along the way. So, with such a presence, is there any one particular sector that is most associated with stainless steel?

We think there is - the kitchen. Whether that be a small family kitchen or major industrial facility, the chances that stainless steel will feature strongly are pretty high. It is used for sinks and draining boards, cutlery, sharp knives, pans, crockery, cleaning implements and many, many more things - so what are the qualities that make stainless steel such a favoured metal in catering environments?

  • It resists corrosion - rust in any kitchen is a big no-no. With at least 10.5% chromium content in any stainless steel grade, the metal will form chromium oxide at the surface where it is in contact with the air, preventing corrosion. The many grades are used for different types of equipment where particular resistance levels are required but the standard grade used in catering is 430

  • It is strong - standing tough where other, lesser materials would chip, bend or otherwise deform, stainless steel is the perfect choice for demanding environments such as kitchens, where temperatures can be high and heavy or sharp utensils are being used

  • It is easily cleaned - kitchens need constant cleaning to keep them healthy and pleasant to work in. The job is made far easier with stainless steel, which simply wipes clean and returns to its original glory in a flash

  • It is envi­ron­men­tally-friendly - stainless steel is going to be around for a long time, performing its duties without compromise. This makes it a green choice as less has to be used and, the icing on the cake, stainless steel is 100% recyclable

  • It looks good - we are all into aesthetics in one way or another and, in the kitchen, when you want is a smart, clean and shiny look. We wonder what metal has that quality, too?

BS Stainless supply all sorts of stainless steel components and materials to the catering industry. One of the most commonly requested products is our stainless steel sheet and plate, which we hold in stock in a full variety of grades, including the popular 430, 304 and 316. A collection of professional finishes is also available, including Satin, 2B, mirror and BA - all of these can be supplied with one or more of our unique protective coatings, including those suitable for laser cutting. On top of all this, you can get a nice safe edge as well - goodbye gloves!

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