High-Rise Construction — Supported by Stainless Steel Plate

High-Rise Construction — Supported by Stainless Steel Plate

In a typical demonstration of the versatility of stainless steel, we move on from Catering to Construction in this article! Last week, we looked at how stainless steel is vital to the catering industry and now we examine its use in construction, where it is just as vital and ubiquitous.

Stainless steel was developed in the early part of the 20th century and quickly established itself as one of the most important building materials, a position from which it has not slipped since. The notable resistance to corrosion is a major factor in the decision to use it for building and its low weight combined with high strength means that it is particularly important in the construction of tall structures such as high-rise buildings.

Providing strong and reliable support, architectural stainless steel is perfect for creating a desired aesthetic, something which is essential to structural work. There is a huge variety of surface finishes available and the enhancements that stainless steel can provide would cost a prohibitive amount if formed from other materials. Durable and long-lasting, it is chosen again and again and is integral to many of the world’s most well-know and distinctive buildings.

Stainless steel plate, coil and strip is used in abundance when constructing a high-rise building, and is used to create lintels, welded to form shelf angles, windposts, masonry supports, wall starters and much more. As well as the stainless steel plate itself, all of the fixings such as screws, nails and tying wire are also manufactured from the metal.

BS Stainless are major providers of quality stainless steel plate to the construction industry, ensuring that cost can be kept low and aesthetic value high as new buildings are created. We offer a truly bespoke service, getting everything just right and facilitating your project to the finest detail and with the greatest accuracy.

Space becomes ever more at a premium and, in many areas, the only viable direction in which to extend is upwards. This means we will see more and more high-rise buildings as time goes on, each relying on stainless steel for everything from the foundations to the handrails. BS Stainless will always be there for our customers with the best quality, the most competitive price and the most dedicated customers service - we guarantee it.

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