Houston, we don’t have a problem!

Houston we have a problem !

As soon as you mention visiting Houston these are the words you often here uttered. But for BS Stainless it’s quite the opposite.  On the 14th of March 2017 Houston plays host to the Southwest Coast Insulation Contractors Association or SWICA for short. Hosted at the Marriot Westchase, Houston Texas. The event see’s industry leaders presenting educational seminars, sharing information and hosting competitions. There is also an expo featuring companies that supply this region with insulation materials including popular brands such as ROCKWOOL insulation, Knauf and Aspen Aerogel. This year BS Stainless will visit for the first time as guests of their partner company Goebel Fasteners Inc. who are based in Houston.

This is an ideal opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the American insulation market with a special focus on metal jacketing and strapping. These products are manufactured by BS stainless, following investment in a state of the art laminating line. This has been installed in their Preston factory to apply a moisture barrier to stainless steel and aluminium, including plain and stucco material branded as DryMet. A range of other materials can also be laminated including mass loaded vinyl and Tedlar® (PVF), also various types of paint coatings can be supplied including PVDF, acrylic and polyester.

All of these use stainless steel strapping, wing seals, springs and tying wire to safely and securely install and hold the jacketing in place. The strapping is manufactured with a safe edge in both standard ribbon wound coils, oscillated coils or as an alternative with a blue paint coating both sides. This blue coating is popular for companies such as Exxon whose specifications include this to show that the area is “free off asbestos”.

To complement the insulation system this is where Goebel come in with their innovative range of fastener products including blind rivets, self-drilling screws and toggle latches. Supported by their growing range of ancillaries and from partner companies PAROC® for mineral wool and NOWA for insulation pins.

If you happen to be in Houston next week please feel free to drop by and say Howdy

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