Gastech: Past, Present and Future

As excitement and anticipation for Gatech 2017 Japan mounts, the close-knit team at BS Stainless are reminded of previous exhibitions and of the long, close and ongoing connection we have with the event.

Gastech: Past, Present and Future

Over the past 10 years, BS Stainless has been a valued, innovative and enthusiastic presence at the Gastech Conference and Exhibition seven times, each of which has been an exciting and informative few days. Our first experience saw us as visitors, discovering the intricate and absorbing environment that Gastech offers as well as meeting face to face with existing and potential customers from around the world in Abu Dhabi.

Throughout difficult times for the steel industry in Britain, BS Stainless has not only survived but has thrived, continuing to supply quality materials at realistic prices while constantly researching and developing our own ideas. We believe that it is our strong focus on building close, lasting professional partnerships that helps us to remain a visible, viable and indeed vital company today; many of these partnerships have been founded and consolidated at Gastech, where a combination of formal meetings during the daytime and socialising in the evening offered the perfect way to get to know people.

Our second time at Gastech was here in London so we decided to exhibit and it was an unqualified success. We have never looked back, attending every Gastech conference since then and bringing our innovations to the international platform. What was theory and development back then is reality now, as the metal jacketing ideas we had that were literally on the drawing board can now be created to any specification, to order, using our unique, state of the art, purpose built machinery,

In 2015, a young BS Stainless Engineer got his chance to shine as part of the YEF (Young Engineer’s Foundation’ scheme) at Gastech. The programme offers young engineers an important opportunity to experience the environment there at first hand, developing all the skills they will need to create successful collaborative partnerships in the future.

Kashif Mohammed, our young engineer, at that time was employed by Sheffield Hallam University and took full advantage of the opportunity learning a great deal, interacting with other young engineers, observe technological developments and building ideas in insulation and acoustics. All of his hard work was worth it; he has since completed his MPhil degree at Sheffield Hallam University, a leading light in the field of materials research in the UK. The Master of Philosopy project was titled "Development of jacketing systems for oil and gas pipelines".

At Gastech 2017, we will be sharing the fruits of our work and study, in the form of many samples of the materials we can now produce, plus footage of the machinery in action. We look forward to new inspiration and you can read the update in our newsletter as soon as we’re home safe.

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