Hot and Cold — Stainless Steel at Every Extreme

Mechanical insulation is used across an ever-growing range of industries, providing systems working at extreme temperatures with high levels of safety and efficiency. As part of the essential mechanical insulation process, stainless steel features heavily thanks to its many relevant qualities, providing a wide range of integral components such as stainless steel screws, rivets, welding wire, wing seals, rivets, tying wire and banding.

Found frequently in the food distribution and processing sectors, low-temperature mechanical systems often work at temperatures of -100°F and beyond, creating the need for condensation control and the reduction of WVT (Water Vapour Transmission), which can be affected by vapour retardants, style of insulation and the method of installation.  Another growth area for low temperature insulation is Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) were temperatures are as low -270 °F, Stainless steel with its strong resistance to corrosion and unimpaired performance at extreme temperatures, is the ideal choice for jacketing, secured with stainless steel banding and wing seals. More recently development has increased for painted stainless steel (PVDF) these increase the emissivity levels significantly compared to untreated stainless steel jacketing.

At the other end of the temperature spectrum lie high-temperature systems such as steam lines at high pressure, petrochemical plants,exhaust systems and process lines. Working at temperatures up to an incredible 1500°F, such systems must feature superlatively-efficient insulation to ensure employee safety as well as providing adequate protection against unnecessary heat loss. Stainless steel is again a perfect material for use in such systems, which should have their thermal values fully examined in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

BS Stainless proudly supply an extensive range of products used in mechanical insulation, all of which are fully guaranteed to meet our trademark levels of high quality. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship yet with constant attention to cost-effectiveness, BS Stainless provide the ultimate choice in stainless steel products for a range of industrial and domestic customers.

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