Graffiti Removal from Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is used in many public areas due the fact that it is  hard wearing and long lasting, unfortunately this sometimes means it is used in areas prone to graffiti such as public toilets, telephone booths, trains, lifts escalators and many more. So while the material stands up well to physical damage visually that can suffer from ink and spray paint.

BS Stainless have for many years used graffiti remover successfully to remove ink marks prior to polishing or coating, while cast marks are important for traceability cosmetically they are not also ideal for end products. Graffiti spray solves this by removing the ink and not leaving any unsightly residue or damaging the steel.

Having sometimes had difficulty locating and having tried virtually all the products out there we feel confident we have the best product for the job, as a result of enquiries from other companies we decided to make available to buy through our online shop.

If you need to remove ink, spray paint crayon or marker pens in an easy, safe and cost effective way try our Tetrosyl graffiti removal spray you won’t be disappointed, its tried and tested by ourselves over many years of use. Tetrosyl is the brand behind the well-known T-cut product which is this year (2014) 60 years old so you know it’s a brand you can trust.

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