Graffiti Remover Tetrosyl

Graffiti Remover
Removes Graffiti easy, fast and effective to remove unwanted ink marks.

Easy Spray Graffiti Remover is a powerful non-drip gel formula which removes unwanted marks, arising from spray paint, marker pen, crayon and ink from a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, masonry stainless steel and galvanised steel.

We started using this product many years ago for preparation of stainless steel prior to polishing or coating to remove ink marks added during production. This product used to be available under the Carplan range but this has replaced it in an easy spray lightweight container.

This is by far the best product we have used, others often leave a residue and don't remove as well. We thought this was such a good product it was worthy of selling online. Knowing how well it works with stainless steel and many other materials.

Safety Data sheet available.