Gastech 2015 - Another Successful Conference Completed

Representatives from our stainless steel suppliers are regular attendees at the Gastech Conference and Exhibition, which takes place every 18 months in various locations around the globe. Each location is chosen for its strategic importance to the oil & gas industries and the most recent Gastech event, from which a number of our staff have just returned tired but buzzing with news and ideas, was held in Singapore.

Gateway to Asia

Our growth as a business is helped immeasurably by our regular attendance at Gastech, where we come into contact with an array of professionals working in various sectors of the oil & gas industry. Known as ‘the Gateway to Asia’, the thriving trading hub that is Singapore was the perfect location for this year’s event and, due to its close relative proximity to countries such as China, Australia and Malaysia, allowed us to meet up with professionals from these countries who find travelling to Europe a time-consuming and costly affair. This is something that may otherwise not have happened and, as products such as those from our unique range of metal jacketing are globally useful, the Gastech event is key in ensuring that our exclusive technological advances are shared worldwide for the benefit of everyone.

Collaboration, Customisation and.. Coffee!

Showcasing our innovative metal jacketing solutions was our primary focus at Gastech in Singapore, completing a process that has taken a number of years. After developing the range in close collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University (MERI) and straight after appearing at Gastech 2014, which took place in Seoul, South Korea, we began work to plan the Gastech 2015 showcase and so it felt fantastic to finally actually be there!

This time, our stand at the event was bigger and better than ever before. As our product portfolio has grown, ordinary stands simply became an unfeasible option and so this time we had a custom-built stand designed to comfortably offer enough room for component assembly, product demonstrations, sample storage and an array of informative literature and photographs. We did manage (as we always somehow do!) to find room enough for a good coffee machine though, which was heartily welcomed by our visitors.

Sample Showcase

In terms of product showcase, there was little to compete or even compare with our range.  We began with the official unveiling of SoundMet, inviting visitors to view the pipe-section demonstration piece and learn about how the unique acoustic jacketing system works via visual images and video. We also guided visitors through a comprehensive selection of other related product demos and samples, including CoolMet (our superior PVDF exterior coating), TedMet (a laminate manufactured by Dupont™ of PVF Tedlar® coating) and DryMet (a factory-applied protective Surlyn® barrier to inhibit galvanic corrosion under insulation).  These products can be used in seamless conjunction with Soundmet to give additional benefits by delivering a dramatic increase in emissivity.

As well as the metal jacketing solutions themselves, we also showcased our ancillary products, without which the entire system would be rendered useless. These crucial products, which include stainless steel banding, eco wing seals, lacing wire, expansion springs, duplex screws and our exclusive 100% waterproof rivets, form the superior collection of products that makes us the only COMPLETE manufacturer and supplier of metal jacketing solutions for pipeline cladding.

Preparing for the Future

Gastech 2015 was an unmitigated success for our company and we enjoyed many exciting, illuminating and game-changing interactions with major companies from around the world, including Samsung Heavy Industries, Trelleborg, KBR, AkzoNobel, KOGAZ, ADGAS and several prestigious insulation contractors. Never one to rest on our laurels, we have already starting getting work done to prepare for Gastech 2017, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan and where we have already booked our place - look out for a news article on this event coming soon.

Please visit the ‘Oil & Gas’ section of our stainless steel suppliers website for more information on the quality products that make up our innovative collection of metal jacketing solutions.

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