Focus on Trapezoidal Profile Metal Sheets

The ever-growing BS Stainless product portfolio now includes metal sheets with a trapezoidal profile (commonly referred to as 'box profile' due to the distinctive shape). We utilise a roll forming method to create the rectangular pattern which, in addition to improving strength and rigidity, also gives the sheets an attractive aesthetic quality.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment allows us to produce trapezoidal profile sheets in a range of different metals, including stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, aluminized T2 and Aluzinc to suit different applications.

The sheets have countless uses across industry and are especially suitable for cladding in all areas including roofing, tanks, silos, accommodation modules and oil rig deflectors. Their beautiful aesthetic qualities have seen them chosen for a number of architectural projects from unique homes to claddings for fashionable bars and restaurants. They have even been used as part of a TV set!

Many different finishes to the trapezoidal profile metal sheets are available from painted and stucco to polished, as well as poly-coated bright annealed. These can be combined with our innovate DryMet moisture barrier if required.

Whether used in conjunction with or as an alternative to flat or sinusoidal (round) corrugated sheets, our trapezoidal profile metal sheets can be firmly secured with banding straps, self-drilling screws and/or rivets. BS Stainless is able to supply all of these fastenings at the most competitive price, making us a reliable one-stop shop for all of your construction requirements.

Please note that, due to processing demands, trapezoidal profile sheets are made to order and there are minimum quantity requirements. Dependent on selection, these requirements vary but are generally no less than 100 square metres. Quantities of 500 square metres and above are the most cost-effective.

Find out more about trapezoidal profile metal sheets on the BS Stainless website and get in touch with our technical team for further information and pricing. 

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