Exposed to the elements

Stainless steel has many hundreds of applications. From simple knives and forks to giant cruise ships, this versatile metal can be found somewhere in almost every industry. It is incredibly strong yet also easily workable and is therefore the perfect choice for a wide variety of industrial and domestic solutions.

One of the most desirable properties of stainless steel is its resistance to corrosion. This damaging process can easily deface, damage and ultimately destroy weaker metals. Stainless steel cladding is an ideal way to protect the surface of any building from the damaging effects of weather and atmospheric conditions. The metal’s resistance to corrosion makes it perfect for use in what are known as “aggressive environments”.

One such environment is the North Sea. With an area of around 750,000 km2 , this cold expanse of water is well known for its extensive oil and gas fields. Lonely rigs stand dotted around, marooned in constantly exposed and often harsh conditions. For the employees who must live and work here, often for months at a time, the maximum possible amounts of comfort and safety must be ensured.

With this in mind, ConocoPhillips are constructing the ‘JLQ’ - the Jasmine Living Quarters platform. Adjacent to the nearby Jasmine wellhead platform and connected to it by a bridge, the unit will provide accommodation for up to 37 people on four levels. Although primarily designed for this purpose, the platform will also house some utility and process control facilities. A utility deck is to be constructed which includes the Local Equipment Room, the Electrical Switchgear room and the HVAC plant room. This particular part of the project includes very detailed engineering to ensure perfection is achieved.

BS Stainless are proud to have provided our materials for the cladding of the JLQ. This cladding will be the primary line of defence against the harsh outdoor conditions, providing security whilst giving the platform a striking and attractive appearance. Stainless steel was the obvious choice for this project and being selected to provide it represents the unbeatable quality of our products. We wish ConocoPhillips every success in this complex and important venture and look forward to seeing the finished result.

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