Effective Solutions to Acoustic Issues

Though vital to the functioning of myriad industries, heavy machinery can present numerous issues associated with excess sound and vibration. To solve such problems, BS Stainless has developed an exceptional collection of acoustics products. Two of these, SoundMet® and VibroMat (both of which are BS Stainless bestsellers),­are the subject of this edition of our blog. 

SoundMet®, designed, developed and trademarked by BS Stainless, is a state-of-the-art metal jacketing system. Originally, the product was created with the oil and gas industries in mind but its versatility has seen it used successfully in numerous other applications. 

The innovative solution is a seamless integration of two previously-disparate components: mass-loaded vinyl and a jacketing metal such as aluminium, stainless steel or a number of others. We utilise purpose-built machinery to factory-laminate these two components together, working exactly to the individual specifications of each client.

Among the many advantages of SoundMet® is its ability to be simply and rapidly formed and installed, resulting in dramatic savings in terms of both time and cost. In comparison to installing mass-loaded vinyl and jacketing metal separately, SoundMet® delivers exceptional performance: the integrity of the vinyl is maintained and the specified sound transmission class is reliably and easily achieved. 

Another advantage of using SoundMet® is its exceptional sealing performance at jacket overlaps, which reduces moisture ingress and thus the potential for corrosion under insulation. Contact between metals is kept to an absolute minimum to prevent galvanic corrosion: together, these qualities enhance and increase the life expectancy of any system SoundMet® is applied to. 

Fully recyclable and safe to handle, SoundMet® is both user- and envi­ron­men­tally-friendly. Several thicknesses are available as standard and custom thicknesses can be supplied where necessary.­ 

Traditionally, bitumen has been used as a material to dampen sound and vibration but it comes with many disadvantages. VibroMat was designed as a direct replacement for bitumen and delivers much better performance without any of these issues. Efficient and safe, the non-staining material is completely recyclable and offers unmatched cost-effectiveness. 

Incorporating a convenient self-adhesive base and fabricated from a material that displays high visco­elas­ticity, VibroMat has the same density as comparable bitumen and so ensures predictable, reliable results. As the ultimate deadpan product, VibroMat continues to increase in popularity as more and more industries discover its potential.­ 

Our full suite of acoustics solutions can be found on the BS Stainless website

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