Deburred Edge Coil: The Safe Solution

Safety is the prime concern when working in the industrial sector. There are many inherent safety hazards in any industrial workplace and everyone involved with that workplace should be committed to improving safety wherever and however possible. This includes product suppliers such as BS Stainless.

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Part of our own commitment to improving safety in the workplace is the production and supply of edge dressed stainless steel strip coil, which is used in countless applications from HVAC, construction, catering and automotive to heavy industries like oil and gas extraction and refinement.

As steel strip is produced, a sharp edge known as a burr is formed. As well as representing a clear danger to health, coil with such an edge makes the material harder to work with, preventing successful welding and ultimately making the job take far longer than it should.

BS Stainless has invested heavily in constantly improving our deburring and edge preparing technology, to the benefit of our international client base. Our modern, custom-built machinery can quickly, reliably and cost-effectively produce industrial quantities of quality deburred edge coil from stainless steel and other materials including aluzinc. A wide selection of available edge shapes, from square to round and contoured, ensures total versatility.

As the market leader in the supply of deburred precision slit strip coil, BS Stainless guarantee products of consistently professional quality at a competitive market price. We also supply the product around the rest of the world, all under the protective banner of our our ISO 9001 accreditation.

For more information about deburred precision slit stainless steel coil, get in touch with our technical team and check the product page on our website.

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