Corrugated Metals from BS Stainless

Corrugation is the process of forming metal sheet to create within it a repeating series of identical waves. Metal formed in this way is used extensively across a wide range of industries thanks to its many qualities.

Corrugated Galvanized Iron (CGI) was the brainchild of Henry Palmer, an engineer and architect working for the London Dock Company in the 1820s. Originally formed from wrought iron, the invention was strong, light and resistant to corrosion, making it the building material choice in many then-developing countries such as New Zealand, the USA and Australia. Newer metals such as stainless steel and aluminium gradually replaced the wrought iron though the forming process invented by Palmer remains largely unchanged to this day.

A roll-forming technique is used to create corrugated metal. High-quality metal sheet or coil is fed into a machine that uses powerful dies to press the metal into its corrugated shape. The standard style for corrugated metal is the familiar round wavy form though this can easily be adapted to any bespoke requirement with the use of specialist dies. As each sheet is identical, they can be easily stacked for storage or transportation and, during construction, join seamlessly together at any point of overlap.

Corrugated metal also referred to as profiled sheet has many uses; the most common of these is for cladding buildings and tanks. Cladding protects them from the elements and is widley used for storage tanks in the petrochemical industry, offering superior strength and resistance to corrosion. As the uniform waves deflect the wind and have an abstract beauty, many architectural projects have benefited from the use of corrugated metal in their construction.

BS Stainless supply a wide range of corrugated metal, including stainless steel, galvanized aluminium and Aluzinc. As major stainless steel suppliers to companies constructing offshore oilrigs, we have an enviable reputation for providing corrugated metal of world-class quality. BS Stainless area leading supplier of this prodcut both in the UK and to markets around the world. Last year BS Stainless supplied corrugated stainless steel to Dubai for use on the Jasmine project by Conoco Philips, used as part of the underside insulation and eventually destined for the North Sea.

Corrugated sheeting can be fixed with rivets, screws or stainless steel banding dependent on the specification required, all of these can be supplied by BS Stainless.

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