Candice Bees: Profile of an Artist

As stainless steel is used so extensively for industrial purposes, it may come as a surprise to learn that it can also be used as an artistic medium. Award-winning artist Candice Bees has repeatedly proved this fact, using stainless steel wire from BS Stainless to craft an array of beautiful, critically-acclaimed sculptures.

Growing up in the south-west of England, Candice was surrounded by nature and delighted in observing all different kinds of animals. She originally trained in illustration, where she developed a strong understanding of movement and anatomy. These skills, along with her natural artistic talent, have been transferred to her sculptures, which depict animals with amazingly lifelike qualities. She has portrayed many different animal sculptures using stainless steel wire, including dogs, wolves, foxes, pheasants, deer, rats, elephants and even dragons!

Candice has devoted many hours to the study of animals and their movements. She believes that the 'subtle behaviour' of animals are what give life to her art and seeks to 'express animal's motions and interactions that we may overlook in our daily lives'. By skillfully bending, twisting and otherwise manipulating stainless steel wire, she is able to accurately portray the physicality of her subjects, producing sculptures of exquisite quality.

The wire sculptures that Candice creates have been displayed at a number of galleries and exhibitions. She has won several awards for her work, including the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year (urban wildlife category) and the People's Choice Award at the Bath Open Art Show.&

BS Stainless came into contact with Candice Bees when she purchased stainless steel wire from us to create a sculpture of a hare. Her work impressed us so much that we commissioned her to create a life-sized sculpture of a wolf using our materials. The wolf has accompanied us to various exhibitions and is always a major talking-point among visitors.

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Information in this article taken from http://­www.­candicebees.­co.­uk/

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