BS Stainless and Emirates Airlines

We are often approached by clients especially in the oil and gas industry for urgent delivery, this usually involves air freight. The nature of supplying insulation materials is that they are used quite late in the build of a new plant such as LNG or Petrochemical, any delays in the build often put contractors under pressure on to finish on time. When approached by our clients its important that we meet their needs. That means getting the material there on time and meet all the documentation requirements for a smooth journey. As a result having the right partner is key. Our main forwarder uses Emirates Airlines as one of their sole air freight carriers to the U.A.E as they are one of the most reliable airlines. 

Recently a group of our key logistics team spent a day at Manchester Airports freight terminal and here you can find out why the partnership is successful.

Emirates Airline use their own Emirates loaders – therefore if the plane weighs over its maximum weight instead of taking off just any cargo, they will take off cargo that can still make its deadline/­connecting flights.

BS Knows Best – all our warehouse staff are trained in packing shipments to travel via air freight within airline safety regulations.

Safety First – there are two safety tests that can be carried out before the cargo makes it onto the aircraft. The first test is mandatory which involves the cargo passing through an x-ray machine. With stainless steel shipments, this test is often ineffective due to the cargo being too dense and a ‘secondary screening’ test is required. This test involves the cargo being swabbed for explosive traces. If it fails, the cargo is retested. If it fails a second time the cargo is rejected, and the airport freight area goes into lockdown, ensuring maximum safety.

BS Stainless staff had a unique opportunity to be on the tarmac with an Airbus A380 while the inbound cargo was unloaded, and the outbound cargo was loaded. This outbound cargo included a brand-new custom order Aston Martin DB11 en route to Dubai! We then were shown around the interior of the aircraft. The ground crew have 100 minutes from when the plane lands to unpack all cargo, clean the aircraft, restock with food and drinks, refuel and load outbound cargo.


Airbus A380 tour

  • An Airbus A380 has 4 Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines
  • Each 10 tonne engine is attached to the wing by only 6 bolts!
  • The Airbus A380’s tail wing span is larger than a Boeing 737 main wing span
  • The wingspan of an Airbus A380 is 80 meters
  • Carries 70 tonnes of fuel
  • Maximum take-off weight of 575 tonnes
  • Maximum of 853 passengers
  • Airbus A380 costs $428 million dollars
  • Has a bar
  • Two-bathroom suites with showers
  • Can load super cars in the cargo hold

This first-hand experience gave BS Stainless staff a greater understanding of the air freight processes our material goes through once it has left our Preston warehouse on route to one of our overseas customers based in over 60 countries worldwide. So, if you need our material to site across the Middle East region or worldwide urgently you can be confident we will deliver.

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