BS Stainless and CE Marking for construction products update.

Over the past 12months BS Stainless has been working towards CE marking approval in line with the construction products regulations (CPR 305/2011). After the final audits we are pleased to say that we have been recommended for approval and factory production control certificates will be available shortly.

The Construction Product Regulations 305/2011 was enforced from 1st July 2013 in the United Kingdom for the supply of structural steel products. This requires that structural construction products “placed on the market” (available for sale) after 1st July 2013 to be CE marked to indicate appropriateness for use in construction in the European Union where European Harmonised Standard (HEN)or European Technical Assessment (ETA) exists for the product. It places duties upon Importers, Distributors and Manufacturers to ensure that these CE marking and associated obligations are met. 

BS Stainless supplies many products for use within the construction industry, some of which may be processed, welded, pressed and fabricated so that they bear no resemblance to the initial product, however other products may have no or very little additional work done to them by the manufacture after we have supplied. As there was some ambiguity about how important it was for us to comply with the legislation BS stainless felt it was important to take the lead and as a result will in due course supply material that is CE labelled. 

BS Stainless can  supply stainless steel wire and strip in accordance with BS EN 10088-4:2009 and stainless steel wire and bar to BS EN 10088-5:2009 which are harmonised standards under construction products (CPR) 305/2011. 

BS Stainless understands the responsibility of a manufacturer, processor, importer and distributor in accordance with CPR 305/2011 and hence has taken up the responsibility to ensure that any product placed in the construction industry in the EEA (European Economic Area) is CPR 305/2011 approved. 

From 2014 BS Stainless will supply material that is labelled and certified with CE logo, copies of factory production control documents will be available to download from the web site or supplied with goods were required.

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