Bandfix – Giant Banding Tool

Giant Tool for use with large banding and giant buckles up to 11/4"

Giant Banding Tool used to fix larger stainless steel banding and strapping also referred to as a "Whirley Bird" bander due to the operation to tighten.

This is ideal for various applications of banding including Bandfix® Sign Banding often used with a sign to band it to a post similarly with bins often used by councils to secure the bin to a post and band it firmly in place.

These can also be used for cables, metal insulation, packing etc.. with our Bandfix® Value band or heavier insulation products, these are regularly used on industrial oil and gas plants by metal laggers or cladders to hold securely metal around pipework or tanks.

These are for use with stainless steel band or strapping 19mm (¾") and upwards maximum width is 32mm (1¼").

Instructions for use.

  • Tensions over 1100 kg of force ( 5,000lbs) and cuts off the spare banding being formed
  • Used to apply Stainless Steel Band, can also be used for Galvanized or Carbon Steel Band and general steel strapping
  • Widths from 19mm(¾") to 32mm(1¼")
  • Drop forged tool and heat treated with built in cutter
  • Spring loaded grip lever improves ease of use
  • Blue epoxy powder coated finish to resist  corrosion
  • Weight 5kgsapprox. ( 12.3lb)
  • Blue epoxy coated
  • Spinning Handle for ease of tightening

Stainless Steel Banding

Manufacturer and international distributor of stainless steel banding and strapping for Insulation

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