Aluzinc: Ultimate Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel has myriad qualities that make it an ideal construction material. All of these qualities are dramatically enhanced when the metal is given a coating of zinc/aluminium alloy, which produces a material known as Aluzinc. Here we look in more detail at this remarkable material.

In effect, Aluzinc is a cold-rolled steel. Onto this is applied a coating that comprises 55% aluminium, 43.3% zinc and 1.6% silicon: this innovative composition makes Aluzinc up to SIX TIMES more resistant to corrosion than any comparable standard galvanised metal.

The strength, durability and corrosion-resistance of Aluzinc makes it suitable for use in demanding environments. Two sectors in which it is particularly prized are the ventilation and insulation industries, where it delivers the most effective solution at a competitive price. Aluzinc products from BS Stainless are supplied with a thin, fingerprint-free coating that acts as a dry lubricant, improving the material's deep-drawing performance and reinforcing the metal during storage, transport and usage.

Aluzinc provides an excellent substrate for organic coatings. Paint can be directly applied to the material without the need for time-consuming and often expensive preliminary treatment. Easily welded and formed, Aluzinc is perfect for a wide variety of applications, including guttering, fencing, roofing and metal jacketing as well as insulation and ventilation.

BS Stainless are leading global suppliers of Aluzinc, which can be supplied as coil or flat sheet. For more Information about this product, check out our website and get in touch with our technical team for detailed advice.

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